James Bennett to Switch to a Paperless Kit

We’re very excited to announce that from February 2019 James Bennett will be switching to a paperless e-kit.

The major reason for the change is that we’re conscious of the environmental impact of printing the kit each month. In 2019 we believe that going paperless is the most responsible option.

The change will bring major benefits for libraries. Ordering through JBO is substantially more streamlined, is accessible anywhere, makes it easier to track spending and avoid duplication, allows for real time updates, cross linking to other formats and allows sharing of lists. In addition, we will add an extra kit to our yearly calendar making ordering more manageable and new title information more timely.

James Bennett service levels will remain unchanged. We will send out monthly new kit alerts and our sales team will visit libraries the same number of times in the year. Customers can still download a PDF version of the KIT off JBO if required. Our sales team will continue to assist with ordering and will provide JBO training when requested.

"The paperless kit is our latest eco-friendly initiative to be rolled out," explains JB Managing Director, Kim Jardine.

"We feel everyone should be recycling office paper or converting to PDF invoices, statements and notifications. Also, we have long been committed to better management of the company and staff E-Waste which includes printer/toner disposal, mobiles and batteries in order to support a reduction in landfill. Most recently, we replaced all warehouse lighting to LED (carbon certified) lighting thus reducing our footprint and not introducing hazardous toxins to the environment at disposal. JB will continue to champion eco-initiatives as one of our many corporate responsibly goals." 

All in all, we think it is an exciting change that will have benefits for our customers, for us and for the world around us. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask your sales executive.


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