James Bennett supports Renew Our Libraries


James Bennett stands with NSW Public Libraries as they call for greater government funding through the Renew Our Libraries movement.

What is Renew Our Libraries about?

Renew Our Libraries is bringing together communities, councils, public libraries and their supporters into a grassroots effort to demand action and funding commitments from all political parties in the lead up to the 2019 NSW State Election.

Yearly visits to NSW public libraries have increased from 27 million in 2000 to over 35 million in 2017, but State recurrent funding has not increased to match demand and was in fact, slashed by 5% in the recent 2018 NSW Budget.

The Renew Our Libraries movement is calling for:

  • A doubling in the NSW Government contribution to public libraries.
  • A new funding model for NSW public libraries that is sustainable.

To have your say, sign the petition and get involved go to renewourlibraries.com.au


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