Stock Files


With the latest release of JBO (James Bennett Online) our library customers have the option to view stock holdings from our suppliers. 

It is an exciting development and is something we have been discussing with our customers - and publishers - for some time. 

With the development work now completed we are excited to announce we can commence processing stock files - wonderful news for libraries who require the information for special buying projects, general information, and patron feedback.

It is also a great benefit to James Bennett staff - from Profiling & Selection, to Operations and Customer Service, we need to know a book is physically available to be supplied to a library. 

Please provide stock information to us as per the following specs:

Format: csv, onix or xls/xlsx

Frequency: Daily or Weekly

Required Fields: ISBN13, Warehouse/DC, Stock on Hand (SOH), Stock on Order (OO)

Stock on Hand: while our preference is to receive a quantity figure (which will not be displayed to the customer) we will also accept indicator options.  Examples would include

  • H (high) / L (low)
  • 0 (Zero) / 50 (up to ...) / 100+ (greater than)

However as these require further development work, to meet the needs of our customers we are looking for a simple stock file as per the following table.

ISBN Warehouse/DC SOH OO
9780000000736 Centre A 0 1
9780002005975 Centre A 256 22
9780002006804 Centre A 25 452
9780002006804 Centre B 87 0
9780002007344 Centre A 62 600
9780002007757 Centre C 2 25
9780002008112 Centre A 0 0

Centre A

Centre A

Centre A

Centre B

Centre A

Centre C

Centre B

Publishers should utilise their existing James Bennett contacts and bibliographic workflows for sending us stock files.  Please contact a representative from our Profiling & Selection team to discuss your preferred delivery method so we can ensure the appropriate workflow is followed. 

Kindly email in the first instance to set-up processing of your stock files.