PressReaderA World of News in your Library

PressReader is a web-based portal which provides unlimited online access to more than 4000 newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries in 60+ languages, available in 6700+ PressReader hotspots around the world. PressReader presents content in a full replica format which allows the users to see the paper the way it was intended.  Content on PressReader is always up to date and is often available before it’s available in print!

Launched in 2003 as Library PressDisplay, the platform has become a standard for libraries, educational institutions, government departments and corporations around the world. In 2013 the platform evolved in to the current PressReader and more than 5000 libraries that have chosen Library PressDisplay for their newspaper solution. It is published by NewspaperDirect, the world leader in multi-channel newspaper and magazine content distribution and monetisation. Its proprietary technology is the foundation behind its highly acclaimed global distribution services:, ND Press and its privately branded ePaper solution – SmartEdition.

With the latest technology, SmartFlow, in-place expansion allows readers to stay in place, rather than redirected by links, to receive the full content version of the article, minimising breaks in reading flow. 

PressReader's content includes: 4000+ Full replica newspapers & magazines, 100 countries represented, 60+ languages available, and up to 12 months back issues.


  • Front-page news provides the leading stories from around the world (Top News, Business, Sports, etc).
  • World in pictures – see the photographs which are related to headlining stories from around the globe.
  • Multiple language interfaces – 60+ languages
  • Advanced keyword(s) searching (Title, Country, Language, Date range, Author)
  • Full page and custom area printing
  • Full page sharing (Email, Blogging)
  • Newspaper “Look and Feel”

    -    One- or two-page view
    -    Multiple zoom levels
    -    Thumbnail view

SmartNavigation* is NewspaperDirect’s proprietary technology which enables advanced digital features on its publications (Approximately 70% of titles include the SmartNavigation technology):

  • Table of contents
  • Article text view
  • Instant translation in up to 12 major foreign languages
  • Blogging (Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress, MSN Spaces – your own blog!)
  • Social networking (,, FaceBook, Twitter)
  • Audio integration (Have the newspaper read to you)
  • Article commenting and social integration
  • Article linking and related stories
  • Active links (Phone numbers, web pages, email address’)
  • Photo gallery
  • RSS feeds

Benefits of a PressReader subscription includes:

  • Expand your local and international media collection to more than 4000 newspapers and magazines
  • Anywhere, anytime access (on-site and off-site access), 7 day Radiant Access for unlimited licence subscribers gives offsite access via the PressReader app
  • Provide a green and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional newspaper reading
  • Save shelf space on what was traditionally required for newspapers
  • Save time, work, space and money (No postage, shelf space, etc)


Librarians may view and set preferences for their library

  • Publications – Librarians may set preferred titles for their library
  • Publication – Download current title list
  • Home page personalisation (All sources, Librarian’s picks)
  • Select a default language interface
  • Enable / Disable Audio features
  • Request a sign-out redirect URL
  • Usage statistics (Simultaneous User & Titles Read)
  • Access to promotional materials


Technical Requirements: PressReader is a standalone platform which does not require any downloads or plugins to be installed. For best results, please use the latest browser interface available (Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
-    Onsite, offsite and mobile access available at and
-    PC / Mac
-    Windows Mobile Device / iPhone / BlackBerry
Authentication Options:
-    Barcode Authentication
-    IP Authentication
-    URL Referral
-    Username/Password
Term:    1 year minimum
Pricing: FTE based

Contact our dedicated e-team for all your Library PressDisplay enquiries.